Welcome! Name's Dominic. I'm a writer, dancer, and a Shodan-Ho (First Degree Black Belt) in Karate-Do. I'm also, on the side, a Human Being Who Likes Really Cool Stuff.

Such as, but not limited to...

Martial Arts. Zen. Japan. Philosophy. World War II. Poetry. History. Film. Music. Art. Books. Swing dancing. All dancing. Writing. And everything else under the sun.
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I like to stay dumb, as a writer, especially in the early stages of creating a story. I’ll trip myself up if I try to control things or pretend that I know more than I really do. By

Author Victor Lodato discusses his work. His story, “Jack, July,” appears in this week’s issue.

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Currently in the middle of reading Jack, July and the jury is still out about whether I like it. Which is kinda why I like it?

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